Huntridge on Maryland: The covenant of global industrialists who spawned modern Las Vegas


This paper surveys the biographies of individuals and groups responsible for the construction of the Huntridge neighborhood, the thoroughfare called Maryland Parkway and in particular the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, concluding that the catalysts, impetus, symbolism, namesakes, international relationships, architectural and cultural importance have heretofore been unknown, unpublished and therefore not considered in determining the importance, value, viability or preservation of these historic properties and placenames.  The focus of the research is a tightly knit global group of American and French dynasties, from the American Revolution to World War II.  

Deeper focus seeks to answer why and how the Huntridge Theater could, or would be built during the stringent rationing of building materials at the time of its planning and construction. Further analysis identifies the impetus for the naming of Huntridge and of Maryland Parkway, an early thoroughfare which begins at Huntridge.

Tracing relationships and loyalties forged, then revisited in critical moments during four wars, the light dawns on the identities of the previously unpublished magnates who spawned the Las Vegas Strip and much of modern Las Vegas, their motives and sources of power, and the clues they perhaps intended us to find.  

This newly discovered provenance is also analyzed through the prism of the beleaguered state of historic preservation in what may seem the most disposable of all cities – Las Vegas, Nevada.


~ by jonathanwarren on November 6, 2015.

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