About Jonathan Warren

Las Vegas local, Chairman of the Liberace Foundation, Honorary Consul of Monaco, citizen of the world.

Hosting distinguished guests, developing historic brands the world over, with the proceeds benefiting charity. 


Curriculum Vitae:


  • Non-profits director, 2003 to presentJonathan Warren with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
  • Consular Officer, 2010 to present
  • Public Relations Consultant, 2010 to present
  • Loss Prevention and Counter-Fraud Consultant, 2006 to present
  • Asset Protection, Personal Privacy, marketing Consultant to law firms, 2002 to present
  • Direct Commercial Lender 1998 to 2008
  • Private Investor Real Estate Loan aggregator 1992 to 1998
  • NASD Registered Principal 1987 to 1992
  • Insurance Broker 1984 to 1992

Positions Held

Awards and Accomplishments

Events Produced

  • Nevada Committee on Foreign Relations Speaking and ‘Dine With Dignitaries’ events produced*:
    •         Congressman James H. Bilbray, Observer to Ukrainian elections
    • Dr. José Bordón, Argentine Ambassador to the U.S.
    • Dr. Mirza Kuzljugic, Bosnian ambassador to the United Nations
    • Honorable Lloyd D. George, Senior United States District Judge
    • Dr. Ted Gurr, Senior Consultant, State Failure Task Force
    • Dr. John H. Brown, USC Center for Public Diplomacy
    • Juan Hernandez, Vicente Fox Administration cabinet member
    • Ambassador Alphonse F. La Porta
    • Ambassador Raymond E. Mabus, Jr, Fmr. Governor of Mississippi
    • Ambassador Ted D. Morse, Fmr. Baghdad Regional Coordinator


 Conferences Attended

Board of  Senior Advisors Meetings

  • New York 2007
  • New York 2008


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